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A movie
Published on September 22, 2005 By dabe In Politics
Some GRAPHIC images, so be warned

Us And ThemLink

on Sep 23, 2005
That particular link will not show pictures... something is wrong with it.
on Sep 23, 2005
I just checked the link and it works just fine for me. Maybe you should check the settings on your computer. It's a Quicktime move.
on Sep 23, 2005
nope... still won't open
on Sep 23, 2005
Yeah, the link works fine.

So does this one:

Link (Large file, give it time)

And guess what, they did not have to be a "photoshop" genius to "create" this video.
on Sep 23, 2005
link didn't work for me, but Eric's did. That just made me glad I didn't have cable, I heard it on the radio. Those images are haunting.