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We should be so proud ..... NOT
Published on October 10, 2005 By dabe In Politics

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on Oct 16, 2005
If dubya was the drunk driver, you'd be sure I'd be all over that. But, that he would be driving drunk, as president, is more the issue. The fact is, driving fatalities on our roadways are not the issue for which I posted this cartoon. And, by continuing to make such a moronic comparison to the deaths and resulting increases in the number of headstones from the Iraqi debaucle, you're just acting like a juvenile idiot. As I said, specious and ridiculous.
on Oct 20, 2005
Dabe, the point is YOU only care about deaths when the press tells you too. Another case in point, how many U.S. Servicemembers have been killed in other areas of operations? You don't know do you. Why? Because the press hasn't told you to care.

You didn't give a crap about the troops when they were alive, so sorry if I don't feel your pain now that you cry crocodile tears now that your heat strings have been tugged by headlines.

Your call to humanity is underwhelming.