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Published on October 11, 2005 By dabe In Blogging
Thank you for the kind words about my "Me" article. Yeah, we don't agree very often, and I found your style to be very insulting. That is why I blacklisted you. Because of your post to me, consider this a message to you to be unblacklisted. Not much good it would do either of us, considering we are both grounded. But, if you really are sincere about honest debate, unlike some others here, who think I am a terrorist, which is patently ridiculous and not honest debate, then maybe we can communicate. I'd like that, and I'm willing to give it a chance.

Why were you grounded? I was grounded for calling the bitch a bitch. Hey, I call it like I see it. The lil bitch is better at being an insulting slob and skirting the TOS than I am, so the admins let her get away with it. But, we are essentially saying the same things about eachother. Gee and oh well.

Again, thanks.

on Oct 11, 2005
Hey Dabe!!

I know this article was meant for Marcie, but I'm used to putting my nose firmly where it doesn't belong. ;~D I (for one) don't think your a terrorist, I merely think that your allegiences are with those who kill our troops. There is a huge difference. One is merely an opinion the other would cross the line into treason, which I have no reason to suspect you of.

Have a day!!
on Oct 11, 2005
Ted, I have absolutely zero allegiences with those who kill our troops. ZERO. I think that they are scum. I also have no bad or harsh feelings against our own troops at all. They are doing what they need to do to survive. They are following orders. They are being as upstanding as they know how to be (absent mistreatment of prisoners, but that's another issue). However, I have complete and utter disdain for their commander in chief, that bozo who put them there into harm's way for selfish and corporate interests. And, just because I hate that sob dubya and all his handlers, does not de facto put me in any kind of allegiences with terrorists or enemies or those who kill our troops or other Iraqis.

My outspoken hatred of this administration does not embolden them to kill our soldiers. Our presence there emboldens them to kill our soldiers. Our presence there is not going to head off any kind of civil war over there. It's going to happen, in fact has begun, regardless of, and likely because of our meddling in affairs that our dumbass commander in chief had absolutely no understanding about. He had no plans after taking down Saddam. None. Shock and awe was an empty nothing that served absolutely no purpose but killing thousands of people.

I hate this war, I hate their lying bullshit motives, I hate the horrific waste of resources, I hate the dumbass rationalizations that they use to keep us there. I hate every stinkin thing about this administration. I do believe they are the treasonous bunch here, not me. I have done nothing treasonous. When being outspoken about my beliefs is considered treasonous, then we are all in deep shit, as that would indicate that we have indeed crossed the line into fascism. I'm sure that is not what you would want.

Again, I do not side with, support, or otherwise condone anything the terrorists, suicide bombers, or Islamist fundamentalists are doing. Nor do I side with, support, or otherwise condone anything the dubya administration is doing there. Or, here for that matter.

thanks for planting your nose here, Ted. I welcome your comments.
on Oct 13, 2005
Marcie, I'm writing this, not because I think we're ever going to be friends or pals or whatever. We're way too different, and we would kill eachother with our political leanings.

But, I was just reading your article entitled "What a Waste", and one thing struck me. You are accusing Sabrina of questioning, more like declaring that your credentials are not real; that you maybe are not the person you claim to be. She did the same thing to me on a number of occasions. She called me a liar about my age. Then, she called me a liar about my profession. When I raised the issue, she backtracks and says she was just 'questioning" them, as she "remembered" something else. What crap. she takes pleasure in tearing people down. it's what she does. She does it skillfully, as to just skirt the TOS, so that admins look the other way. Then, by retaliating, I called her on it, using aptly descriptive language for what I believe her to be, at which point, I got grounded.

She's really a royal b*****. But, you're feeding into her psychotic nature. Let it go. Give her a wide berth. Don't let her comment on your blog, and don't comment on hers. You see, she doesn't blacklist anyone, then baits them to retaliate to her dispiccable behavior against them. I tried to skirt around her. I really did. But, I finally succumbed to her nastiness and her baiting, and it got me banished from the forums.

Did I learn my lesson. Well, it depends what the lesson is. I learned that she's a skillful psychotic, manipulative low-life piece of trash. I learned that the admins seem to like her. I learned that the admins seem to not like me. I really don't care.

I guess my point, yet again, is to stop responding to her crap. It will die down, and you are who you are, and you know that nothing she says will affect that. I'm sure your self asteem is not predicated on whether the B likes you, or not. Move on. Give it rest. Stop stressing. It's not healthy. And, it just serves to lower yourself to her level.
on Oct 25, 2005
Yeah, the selfish and corperate interested just voted in a new Constitution for Iraq. You can say all you want about where your allegiences are, but the mere fact that you would rather see Hussein still in power and no hope whatsoever for freedom in Iraq tells me all I need to know about your allegiences.

I don't care if you hate Prs. Bush... Most the people I am closest too don't like him... that is part of our system of government and freedom. Isn't it great that the people of Iraq now have that same freedom? A freedom that would never have happened if we cared more about our feelings about George W. Bush the man than we do about doing the right thing in Iraq.

I couldn't stand Prs. Clinton, I don't know if my feelings against him were as strong as your against Bush, but I backed Prs. Clinton's decision to attack Iraq. Although I can't help but wonder, if Prs. Clinton had have gone further than just lobbing a few cruise missile and actually gone in and enforced the ceasefire agreement this whole thing would be over, you would have loved it, and Iraq would have been free years ago.