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CBS Poll
Published on October 7, 2005 By dabe In Politics
Seems that according to CBS, dubya dumbass' ratings are hitting new lows. Before you all get all wadded up that polls are meaningless, I'm sure that if it was the other way around, you'd be posting the results every freakin' day. So please, spare me the hypocrisy. In fact, the neocon loving hypocrites are a distinct minority in this country now. About goddamm time. Some people are just a little slower to see what's right before their faces than others.

Some poll results:

Right Direction : 28%
Wrong Track: 69%

Approve: 37% all respondents
Disapprove: 58% all respondents

Yes: 32%
No: 65%

Those are the first questions. There are quite a few more at the site. dumbya is tanking and the country isn't buying into his shit anymore, except a few die-hards, and repubs who are hanging on to some failed agenda that clearly ain't workin'. Our neocon boy is in trouble.

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on Oct 18, 2005

So, Karma, you find it acceptable to comment to MM and those freaks for posting that hatefest, but don't want to post to my article wherein I'm doing the complaining specifically to you. So typical.

The problem is that you assume that I read your articles.  I don't.  If somebody wouldn't have pointed me here, I still wouldn't have read it.  I don't like what you write, so I don't go to your blog.  My advice to Dr. Guy and MM was to not come here and comment if they don't like what you have to say, which is what I do.  Don't expect me to read your blogs.  Your articles always end up with you spewing vulgar insults, and I don't care to read them.  If I were to start reading them, you can bet that a lot of them would be taken off the forums, so be happy that I don't care enough to read what you write.


on Oct 18, 2005
The problem is that you assume that I read your articles. I don't. If somebody wouldn't have pointed me here, I still wouldn't have read it. I don't like what you write, so I don't go to your blog.

Well, bullshit. You just read this.

You act as if I am the only one who spews insults, be they vulgar or otherwise. I've accused you of having a rightie bias, and you prove it over and over and over again. It has absolutely nothing to do with my insults. If it did, you'd come down on mm, whipsy, dr. guy, and the rest of these ju idiots.
on Oct 18, 2005
There is a big difference between being a good leader and a bad leader. We can all agree Bush is a strong leader. The question is he leading this country in the right or wrong direction. Given the polls, most believe he is leading us in the wrong direction.

Thank God he can not be elected again. He has already done more harm in 5 years then any other President in history. Just think, he has three more years to go!
on Oct 18, 2005
The funny thing is, I'm with the majority. Only, my problem is that Bush isn't being conservative enough.

I don't think polls are very reliable no matter whose agenda they favor. But even if this poll is accurate, for all dabe knows it could mean that the country is full of conservatives like me. Far from being a rejection of Bush's policies, this poll could actually be a call for Bush to renew his commitment to those policies.

This one's more a question of interpretation, I'm afraid.

Also, what's this about polls being useless? If all polls are useless, then dabe has no call to complain of conservatives of championing useless polls when he's doing the very same thing himself, right here.

And if no polls are useless, then dabe has no call to complain about conservatives ignoring polls that don't favor their agenda, when he's shamelessly indulging in the same behavior right here.

Playing the poll game and complaining about the poll game in the same article doesn't do much to support whatever argument you're trying to make here.

Bonus question: Do you think most Americans are well informed?
on Oct 18, 2005

Well, bullshit. You just read this.

dabe, I assumed that you had an ounce of reading comprehension.  What do you think that I meant by:"If somebody wouldn't have pointed me here, I still wouldn't have read it"?  You don't have to worry about me commenting on anymore of your articles or ever corresponding with you again in any form.  You are beyond help.  You're just way too hate filled to spend any energy on.  I really pity you.

on Oct 18, 2005
It does not matter what term you put on Bush, he is a disaster.
on Oct 19, 2005
OH NO!!!!! I detect a modus operandi. Yup. That's it. It's this sicko, dumbass response to those whom you don't like. Rather than just simply say, "I don't like you", which would surely be enough, you rightie neocon jingo dumbfuckers play the pity card. Oh no, I'm so full of hate that you'll just pity me.

Oh puleeeze......................... get over your stupid fucking selves. Condescending sanctimonious assholes. Racist morons. And, fucking hateful bushtards.
on Oct 19, 2005
He is not Bill Clinton.

That's for freaking sure.
on Oct 19, 2005
Dabe, do you know of any liberals who advance the same arguments you do, but without all the namecalling and inchoherence? I'd love to read some of their work. It might even change my mind on a few things...
on Oct 19, 2005
I had some observations to make, but I think just "Wow" will have to do.

Good luck to you, dabe. Somehow, I think you may need it.

on Oct 20, 2005

you rightie neocon jingo dumbfuckers play the pity card

I do pity you.  I don't hate anyone, even you.  But, you're just too thick to understand that I was trying to walk away.  However, yet again, somebody pointed me here to read your vitriol about how we admin this site.  I pity anyone who can't communicate without resorting to such hate speech.  You complain about what others have said to you, but damn!, lady, how the hell do you think that an admin could possibly try to help you when you say things like that to them?

Good luck to you, dabe.

Luck won't help her now.

dabe, I've given you more chances to be civil on this site than anyone else. I have nothing left to offer. It is completely obvious that you can't be civil on here.  You were confined to your own blog so that you could moderate it and keep it civil.  You had the option of blacklisting everyone that you didn't want to talk to.  Yet, you didn't.  Instead you turned it into a giant hate-fest then complained. You had the complete power to keep your blog under control, and you simply chose to use it as a way to attack people, including admins of this site. 

I hope you find some peace in your life.

on Oct 20, 2005

I forgot to mention: I'll also be looking out for fakes of yours since you've already played that game once already.