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October 11, 2005 by dabe
Thank you for the kind words about my "Me" article. Yeah, we don't agree very often, and I found your style to be very insulting. That is why I blacklisted you. Because of your post to me, consider this a message to you to be unblacklisted. Not much good it would do either of us, considering we are both grounded. But, if you really are sincere about honest debate, unlike some others here, who think I am a terrorist, which is patently ridiculous and not honest debate, then maybe we can commu...
August 14, 2005 by dabe
Below is a post that I just sent to some friends at a usenet group. It really is a slice of my life, and I felt that I wanted to share it here. I'm not sure why. Maybe to impress some of you. Maybe to give you an inkling of my life. Maybe because I'm human. An anti-rightie, anti-dubya, anti-ID in science classes, a pro-humanist, pro-animals, pro-environment, anti-corporate money-grubbing, anti-tax cuts for the money-grubbing corporations, pro-choice, pro-friends, anti-shitheads, pro-comic ...
August 7, 2005 by dabe
Well, I have been outed as zinkadoodle. In fact, posting as zinkadoodle was an experiment. And no, ms whip lover, I never posted from work, as you accused me of. That was nothing but defamation, which you apparently revel in. Anyway, as zinkadoodle, I really did clean up my language, except maybe for a few slips, but nothing beyond the pale, or what any other blogger here at ju does. People even commented that I seemed like a cleaner version of dabe. Nice to notice that the politics are th...
June 25, 2005 by dabe
How to insult the JU way
or get yourself banished to JU isolation

I've not posted anything here for some time, since I was banished to my own blog. Why bother? In fact, I get the feeling that I'm supposed to come crawling to the site administrators to beg their forgiveness and please, oh please allow me to enter the forums again. I'm kind of adverse to doing that, and this is why........

I do not feel any modicum of contrition for my behavior. Sure, I took profanity over the top and...
March 5, 2005 by dabe
First of all, this is a response to minisculeman's request to find out why people use their blacklist, and particularly a request to me, I believe, about why I have him blacklisted. Then, it turned into yet another dabe hatefest, because I didn't reply to his repeated requests to answer. Well, fer cryin' out loud, the moron had me blacklisted. I couldn't reply. Was it a freaking setup to trash me? Or else, was he just to moronic to figure it out? I venture the later to be the more accurate...
February 17, 2005 by dabe
from featured articles.


Until this is done, no one, including those two sickos dr and mod from adding any comments to my articles.
February 16, 2005 by dabe
Just so you know, I am not able to add comments to anyone's articles, including my own, because of some glitch I'm having. In fact, I can only comment on featured articles. It's frustrating, for sure, but I'm not going to worry about it. I'm getting my new computer tomorrow, and when I set up everything anew, it should all work fine. Then, I'll be back to commenting away, using my left wing twist, of course.
October 24, 2004 by dabe
You will be all happy to know that I've sent a letter to the brad god to take down my joeuser blog. This has got to be the sickest, most demented blog site I've ever encountered. You all summed it up rather well. You're white trailer trash, stupid dumbass selfish, self congratulating assholes. Don't bother replying to me. I'm gone from here forever. May Icecreamemporer daddy beat whipsy dipsy to a pulp.
September 29, 2004 by dabe
I'm relatively new here, so I ask this question. It seems the more people post, the more points they get. The more people reply to their posts, the more points they get. The points add up, and we climb up some kind of ladder of "success". For what reason? Why are we keeping score? Do we get awards? Are they worth money.? I like money.