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September 4, 2005 by dabe
All of this Katrina disaster mess and subsequent discussions leads me to thinking that it would not be a bad idea to start assembling a 72-hour kit for emergency preparedness. I did a google search on "72 hour kit" and got a lot of hits for ideas to get started. You can also buy pre-assembled kits, with stuff packed away in bags, sacks or whatever. Not that expensive, but I'd rather have a kit tailored to my particular needs. I do think emergency preparedness begins with us, as individuals. ...
August 8, 2005 by dabe
And that's all I wanted to say.
(someday, they'll let me back, so we can debate scary suns.)
October 10, 2005 by dabe
I have decided to take moderateman up on his request that I write something about myself. Granted, it will be a rather filtered take on my life. I am making this article free of comments. It is what it is, and I am who I am, and I have no use for the bitches, racists, neocons, or the self-proclaimed self-righteous bloated egos around here to question my beliefs on this article. So, the following is an article about me, including some rantings about my political leanings. Politics make up a l...
October 1, 2005 by dabe
From the ridiculous....
Shofar Idol

to the sublime:

My best wishes for a sweet, healthy and happy new year to you and yours.
August 23, 2005 by dabe
I learned a new word today. It's a goody, and I thank the sender for using it as an example to describe someone. And, I quote from my email "she's a scrofulous hag, and that's a fact." Ya see....... learning vocabulary can be fun. Thank you, mon.

From OneLook: scrofulous

*adjective: morally contaminated; (Example: "Denounce the scrofulous wealth of the times- J.D.Hart")
*adjective: afflicted with scrofula
* adjective: having a diseased appearance resembling scrofula (Exampl...