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October 10, 2005 by dabe
I have decided to take moderateman up on his request that I write something about myself. Granted, it will be a rather filtered take on my life. I am making this article free of comments. It is what it is, and I am who I am, and I have no use for the bitches, racists, neocons, or the self-proclaimed self-righteous bloated egos around here to question my beliefs on this article. So, the following is an article about me, including some rantings about my political leanings. Politics make up a l...
October 1, 2005 by dabe
From the ridiculous....
Shofar Idol

to the sublime:

My best wishes for a sweet, healthy and happy new year to you and yours.
September 4, 2005 by dabe
All of this Katrina disaster mess and subsequent discussions leads me to thinking that it would not be a bad idea to start assembling a 72-hour kit for emergency preparedness. I did a google search on "72 hour kit" and got a lot of hits for ideas to get started. You can also buy pre-assembled kits, with stuff packed away in bags, sacks or whatever. Not that expensive, but I'd rather have a kit tailored to my particular needs. I do think emergency preparedness begins with us, as individuals. ...
August 23, 2005 by dabe
I learned a new word today. It's a goody, and I thank the sender for using it as an example to describe someone. And, I quote from my email "she's a scrofulous hag, and that's a fact." Ya see....... learning vocabulary can be fun. Thank you, mon.

From OneLook: scrofulous

*adjective: morally contaminated; (Example: "Denounce the scrofulous wealth of the times- J.D.Hart")
*adjective: afflicted with scrofula
* adjective: having a diseased appearance resembling scrofula (Exampl...
August 8, 2005 by dabe
And that's all I wanted to say.
(someday, they'll let me back, so we can debate scary suns.)